work1-Our System

NOBODY sets you up with a cheaper, or easy-to-maintain website.  Your total ongoing cost will be about $15 per year.  (Note that's $15 per year, not per month..

We register the domain name in your name, and we register a blogger website in your name.  
The ongoing cost of $15/year is for the domain name.  The blogger websites are currently free, courtesy of Google.

How We Do It:
  • We set the initial website up, and then show YOU how to edit it.  
  • ((Editing a blog page is fairly simple.  It's similar to editing a Gmail or Yahoo email, except when you're done you click the "publish" button instead of the "send" button.))
  • We then "hand off" the completed website to you.  You are responsible for editing the website and keeping the domain name renewed.